Healthy Living at Mercato

September 5, 2018

SouthwestFlorida is graced with beautiful weather, picturesque scenery and endlesssummer days. It's no wonder more people are taking advantage of the perks. Italso comes as no surprise that some of thehealthiest and happiest people in the country call this area home.With all the amenities available, more Residences at Mercato homeowners are takingadvantage of the many tools to improve health and happiness.  Here are some of our top picks when it comesto healthy living at Mercato.

Improving Your Fitness

There areplenty of options when it comes to improving your fitness at Mercato. Stepinside the serene, modern space of Yoga Lab. Learn proper breathing techniquesand helpful stretches to improve overall posture, balance and strength. A placefor all levels of yoga, Yoga Lab offers many diverse classes throughout the dayand with world-class instructors, you'll be well on your way to improving youroverall fitness in no time.


If you're inthe mood to step it up a notch, you may want to try CycleBar...coming soon to Mercato. Thisenergizing cycling workout is perfect for all types of riders and features amotivating and inspiring atmosphere. Equipped with the very best bikes andinstructors in the industry, you'll be sure to have fun and get fit at the sametime!

Harnessing Your Health

Healthyeating is an important part of your daily routine. When you live at Residencesat Mercato, eating healthy is a breeze. With Whole Foods Market just steps fromyour door, you have access to some of the best natural foods available. Apioneer in natural foods, Whole Foods Market is the leader in organic foodmarkets across the country. There are many other healthy dining optionsavailable to you as well, including:


  • Soul Bowls
  • Naples Flatbread
  • Zoe's Kitchen


With so manyhealthy options available, you will find something that sparks your interestand pleases your palate.

Your Healthy Southwest Florida Lifestyle

When you livemoments away from some of the best restaurants, stores and fitness studios thatSouthwest Florida has to offer, embracing a healthy lifestyle is effortless.So, go happy, be healthy and Be Well Addressed in your new Residencesat Mercato home.


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