How to Design a Coastal Contemporary Home

February 2, 2018

A mix of modern and beach-style interior design is on the rise. Its appeal comes from the elegant lines, pops of color and relaxation it can bring to a room. Coastal contemporary interior design is best done with clean lines, natural texture and materials. You should go bold but still stay with basic lines and clean finishes. Add enthusiasm with statement pieces like décor and furniture, but keep the look minimalistic and light. Play up the coastal theme with bold colors, like turquoise, coral, reds and bright blue accent pieces. Blow up your print sizes and make sure your stripes are large and daring. Lighting is one of the most important aspects in a coastal contemporary look; you want to keep your home bright and airy. Today, we’re discussing how to design a coastal contemporary home.  

Color Scheme

Simple, neutral earth tones accentuated with bright colors are especially important to this interior design style. For warmer hues, stick with yellows, oranges and warm coral colors, along with greens and turquoises for balance. Emphasize the coastal look by using one accent color throughout the room. For example, deep corals look great with soft beach tones throughout a space.


Furniture Selection


When choosing furniture for a contemporary home, you will be able to find pieces that have simple, sleek lines with splashes of color. Handmade custom furniture is what you will find in these homes as well. Driftwood, unfinished pieces, and raw materials can add a lot of warmth to your home. This kind of furniture will be a focal piece for the room, so invest in some items that will never date. Look for simple shapes along with monotone color schemes, as opposed to loud pieces. The furniture that you choose should play up the coastal theme, so your bedframe might have a wavy headboard or a sea glass table. The options are endless.


Simplistic Lighting


Keep the lighting simple. Go for classic, timeless, industrial-style inspired lighting. This kind of style looks beautiful against a simple contemporary backdrop. Stainless steel, polished chrome, aluminum, and other eye-catching metals work well in bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces.


Statement Art


Oversized, colorful, statement pieces of wall art with a coastal theme are perfect for this design style. They can be a collection of glass sculptures, pottery, or paintings made with key coastal contemporary colors. If you’re using multiple pieces and showcasing them in a group, keep them all the same color and style for the greatest impact. For a more antique feeling mix together:

·      Vintage items, such as a wooden oar

·      Place them against a dark colored wall

·      Add in multiple metallic sculptures


Flooring Materials and Rugs


Hardwood flooring is always a go-to when designing a coastal contemporary home. Light hardwood floors can help make your home feel polished and provides a more rustic finish, which plays up the coastal aspect. Tile is a clear option; you should stick to a neutral tile color and add in mosaic colored accents for a striking look. Adding in rugs that have bold stripes in a mix of primary colors gives the space a modern vibe. With so many choices for texture, color, size and pattern, rugs can only strengthen your coastal contemporary home.


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