The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Entertaining

March 15, 2018

‍You will find much more than a simplistic backyard with a Residences at Mercato home. Residences at Mercato is making the outdoor space more functional, with lighting, fire features, furniture, pools, water fountains and outdoor kitchens. With an already perfectly built backyard, you will be able to accessorize it and entertain your guests to fit your lifestyle. Here is how you can pull off the ultimate outdoor entertainment event.


Lights, Furniture, and Accessories


Beautiful and comfortable seating is an invitation to relax. Make your wide-open space cozy by creating several seating areas. Invest in furniture and accessories that will hold up in the outdoors and stand the test of time.


When looking for furniture, consider the upkeep that comes with certain pieces. Ensure the furniture you’re looking at is sturdy while having an evident design element. Coordinate it with the design theme of your backyard so all elements flow together.


Outdoor rugs can help define a space, add patterns and integrate the flooring surface. The rug you choose should be extremely durable and water resistant, especially if it’s around a pool. A large rug will make it feel like you’re in your living room with a great view. The rug can play up other accessories in your backyard, like umbrellas, pillows and décor.


There are endless lighting options when it comes to your backyard. Some unique choices like a firepit or an outdoor chandelier can take your outdoor design to the next level. Upgrade your pool lighting with color changing underwater LED lights that will make a statement at your next outdoor event.


Firepits and Places


The temperatures don’t get too low in Southwest Florida but when it does, firepits and fireplaces can take away some of the chill, and look beautiful at night. A fire encourages people to gather around and linger. Firepits and fireplaces are done with glass beads and natural stone at Residences at Mercato homes, making them more eye-catching. Consider these fireplace tips when adding a fire feature to your backyard.


·      Make the firepit a centerpiece, place furniture around it to make it more inviting.

·      Add a firepit to the corners of your pool; it will make the pool more inviting at night.

·      Add a fireplace in a covered outdoor living area along with a TV.


Create the Perfect Dining Space


Residences at Mercato homes come equipped with a gas grill and outdoor kitchen, creating the perfect backyard for entertaining. After you have grilled the perfect meal, make sure your guests have a comfortable spot to sit down and eat. Ditch the plastic tablecloth and furniture and try a benched table, covered with washable linens and accent seats.


Regardless of where your guests are eating, try to keep the food and drinks on a separate table from the eating space. This will encourage your friends and family to sit together and enjoy mingling outside.


A backyard entertainment event can provide guests with a fun space to enjoy the day or evening. With creative outdoor design and delicious food, you can have a memorable outdoor event.


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